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Permit to Carry Class

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Would you like to have the option to legally carry a gun when you choose?



The Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act of 2003 is the law that outlines how we access our 2nd amendment rights.


This Permit to Carry Course is a required prerequisite to get your Minnesota Permit to Carry a Gun. This is a one-day class. Whether your an experienced shooter, new to pistols or somewhere in between, when you finish our class, you'll be ready to take your certificate to your local sheriff and apply for your carry permit.

Is this a hard class?

No.  This is a fun 8 hour class!  Approximately 5 hours of classroom instruction that consists of power-point discussion & video, followed by 3 hours on the firing range.  Class is held at the Willmar City Auditorium, 311 6th Street SW, Willmar, Downstairs.   Register Now.


How much does this cost?

The cost for this class is $150.00 and includes coffee, donuts, lunch, pop & water. (Sure it’s class, but we like to keep it fun as well !)

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What if I'm new to pistols or don't shoot very well?

No Problem. We script out every finger, hand, elbow and posture. With the way we teach, you'll be easily hitting the target every time!

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What if I don't have a pistol?

If you don’t yet have a pistol, we have several pistols available for rent. Pistol Rental is $20.00.  Ammo cost varies based on pistol.

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What will I leave with?

When you complete the class, you'll receive your signed certificate, assuming you preregistered. You'll also leave with the applications that you need and with several handouts. Mostly, though, you'll leave with a thorough understanding, as required by Minnesota law, of the fundamentals of pistol use, successful completion of a shooting exercise, and legal instruction on pistol possession, carry and use, including self-defense. Your Minnesota permit allows you to carry a gun in 24 states. Our class instruction also qualifies for the Florida and several other state's permits which brings you up to 35 states or more!  Register Now.


"Sounds Great!  What do I need to bring with me to the class?"

1) Class Fee, $150.00

2) Baseball style Cap ( This is so that 'hot brass' does not fly on your eyes. )

3) Eye Protection (otherwise we have eye glasses available at no charge)

4) Hearing Protection (otherwise we have ear protection available at no charge)

5) Pistol and (if available) 2 magazines, magazine holder & Pistol Holster (otherwise we have a variety of 15 pistols available for rent. Rental cost is $20 for the pistol. Ammo is sold at current prices/cost based on caliber.


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