God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal.

Willmar Lammpost CCW Inc gun class permit training



Would you like to legally carry a gun? This Conceal & Carry Course is intended to prepare you to get your Minnesota Permit to Carry a Gun. This is a one-day class. Whether you're an experienced shooter, new to pistols or somewhere in between, when you finish our class, you'll be ready to take your certificate to your local sheriff and apply for your carry permit. Click here to learn more.



Ordinary people, men and women, were put to the test of survival.  Their next move would decide their fate for themselves and/or their loved ones.  They had to act fast and smart if they were to live through the attack.  Several acted fast enough to end the attack before it could get worse. Countless stories of these modern day heroes exist in every state including Minnesota.  Click here to read more.



Lamppost CCW, Inc., headquartered in Willmar MN, has been instructing the Minnesota Permit to Carry Course for seven years and has expanded to having Instructors in Worthington, Lake Elizabeth, and Moorhead MN.  Our class is a full eight hours.  We don't take your money and short cut the class like some.  We work very hard to have a full and balance class to try to best prepare you for the responsibility of carrying a gun.  And, we make sure you have fun learning it.

Willmar MN BCA Lamppost CCW inc certified
Willmar MN Public Safety Lamppost CCW inc certified
Willmar NRA instructor lamppost ccw inc certified
Willmar NRA Range Safety instructor lamppost ccw inc certified

Lamppost CCW, Inc. is certified by the NRA as an Instructor in Basic Pistol, Chief Range Safety Officer and Home Firearms Safety. We are also certified by the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the MN Department of Public Safety as an Approved Business Organizations Certified to Train Other Instructors in the Minnesota Personal Protection Act to Conduct Training for the Permit to Carry.